Thursday, 11 January 2018


The Next New Innovation!

Hereby we would like to announce the steps we will take in addressing the issues about Regal that are now beyond our predictions.

Since Regal offered ICO for the first time and was greeted with tremendous popularity in the international market and with the soaring demand in the international market made us work more extra without stopping until this day.

After facing so many problems besides that we get valuable learning and we have learned many things,

at the beginning of 2018 we will do RESOLUTION to clear all errors and problems for the long term

This step should be taken to maintain the Regal for at least 3 years and become the only one of the most innovative Coin System Lending

We are sure we all love REGAL and hope REGAL will go ahead and continue to grow.

We can not deny that REGAL was begins with the energy of LUCK from all of us, and this is what we must keep.

Whatever we do is a form of our concern to our friends in the world of crypto currency, we work together with the team of day and night to keep the system from competitors in any form of attacking that non of you know but we & the team knows.

REGAL has disturbed many competitors so that not a few who want REGAL fall, but we started with a team that has a soul of a fighters and with this soul that makes us will continue to move and survive in order to fulfill the dreams of friends with REGAL

Here are the steps we will take

1. All transactions we will stop so that we do not work in the busy traffic and we can work with the utmost

2. We will do the Resolution Coin in total, and every member who has RegalCoin will experience SPLIT

If you have 1000REC in your wallet after SPLIT then your REC count becomes 2000REC

3. The Next New Innovation in the system, we will innovate the concept of Lending system that can make REGAL survive at least 3 years ahead with a very measurable calculation

(Given the rampant competitors that imitate our concept, then we decided not publish the concept of publicly but we will update after 2x24 hours when the system will run via email or freshdesk)

4. For SPLIT process we only record REC in member area because we will take steps to avoid REC mastery by some people who are not member Regalcoin out there who have started to control the price of REC (this is quite disturbing for member of  REGAL)

For make this process runs  smooth, we also inform some of the things we have planned ahead of time and that we need to take together wisely

1. Thailand event we will re-arrange with new more appropriate schedule after next new innovation running (For eligible members currently valid for later events)

2. Visa Card that has not met the target of the first 1000 Card we will continue until the target is reached 1000 VisaCard Request (for now only 60% of member who already apply)

3. Lending Competition is still running as agreed, and we will give rewards according to achievement.

Best Regards
Regalcoin Team
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