Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Guts and glory: 162 years of America's Cup yacht design

On a misty afternoon in 1851, Britain's Queen Victoria watched a wooden schooner -- named "America" -- win what would later become one of the most famous boat races in the world. She asked one of her attendants who had come second. The answer? "Your majesty, there is no second."
His words set the tone for what we now know as the America's Cup -- a prestigious, fierce, and controversial race which has just one winner and no runners-up.

Since its launch 162 years ago, the competition -- which kicked off in San Francisco last month -- has been at the forefront of yacht design, encouraging the best sailing clubs in the world to invest big in their seafaring weapons of choice.

From Scotland's elegant Fife yachts, to Australia's controversial keel, and today's space-age 'flying' boats, CNN takes a look at the most revolutionary designs and memorable moments of the world's oldest trophy in international sport.
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