Friday, 11 October 2013

iOS 7: New features for your iProducts

iOS 7

New look and feel

Probably the most impressive thing about iOS 7 is the way it looks and feels. It’ll be like having a brand new device, if all the hype is to believed. The complete redesign brings users a new colour palette and more up to date looking icons and all of it is based on adding depth.
The idea is that your wallpaper, or whatever you have in the background, will always come through to an extent with the layer of information on top more translucent than before. When you move and tilt the phone, the background will move too to add to that sense of depth too.
It’s cleaner, simpler and it just looks damned sexy. Trust us on this one. It’s got the world wowed.
iOS 7 design
iOS 7 Control Centre
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