Sunday, 8 March 2015


Hacked by ISIS screen one of a dozen websites hacked by Islamic State group
When visitors tried to access Pittsburgh-based website, they saw Islamic State group propaganda on their screen: a big, black banner with Arabic writing, the Islamic State group’s logo and a link that company founder and CEO Phil Laboon says the business itself did not click.

“I went to check our site, and it says we were hacked by ISIS and that they’re ‘everywhere,’” said Laboon. “Our website was completely taken down.”

“I thought it was a joke. You don’t really think about ISIS attacking you here. I’ve never heard of ISIS hacking… this is the first time it kind of hit home, that ISIS can kind of get their tentacles over here.”

He believes may have been a target due to their international philanthropy.  They recently made headlines in 40 countries with their latest international fundraiser.

“I think it’s more of their propaganda,” said Laboon. “If they can go through and hack websites, to not be in this country, but kind of spread the fear. We get about 500 people a day, I’m sure when people saw that…”

Laboon says the company does not keep a database of any of their customer’s information.

The business got their website back up within a few hours. They are currently working with the FBI to help them track the source. Laboon says the company will take Monday to enhance their website security so something like this does not happen again.

Two popular restaurants in Cincinnati and the website for a racetrack have also allegedly been hacked by the terrorist group.
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