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Kim Kardashian West is a busy woman. Obviously. She juggles appearances, multiple business ventures (a video game! A beauty line! Those Dash boutiques!), a reality show, multiple social media platforms, oh, and a family. Next up? The launch of Kardashian Kids, the children's line she's designed with sisters Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian since early 2014, at Nordstrom. The line, which arrives on April 13, is available for boys (newborn to 24 months) and girls (newborn to 5T) and ranges from $23.99 for a pair of boys terry cloth shorts to $34.99 for a girls tank and skort set. Before the launch, we caught up with the entrepreneur and mother to talk about her own daughter, North's, growing personal style (and affinity for lugging her own backpacks), how she keeps the fire going with husband, Kanye West, and what advice she'd give other women in business.

What is your inspiration when you design for kids versus your adult line? Does North gives any feedback?

North doesn't give feedback. But I think what I've learned in having my own baby is, comfort is everything, and the fabrics that we choose, we make sure that they're extremely soft and really comfortable and really accessible. I pay really close attention to button placement and stuff like that. There's nothing worse than when I'm having to take a shirt off my daughter and it gets stuck on her. I think after you kind of go through the experience, different things are important to you.

When we are designing a new collection, I love looking at different kid Instagrams—you know, baby fashion has become so popular now. But because kids grow so quickly, it was important to us that our line was really affordable. And we're so excited that we're launching at Nordstroms—that was one of the websites I would always look at when I wanted to get North some things she needed, different clothes and shoes. They just have so, so much. So I think we just get inspiration from all over the place.

Are there any kid trends that you like right now?

I mean I always love it when a kid wears things that are kind of like mini-me styles. Like when I see a kid wearing a little peplum shirt or dress, I think that's super cute. You know, mixed with softer colors. I really like pastels or neutrals. I think my taste is really much more simple than Kourtney's taste. And I love seeing boys in like, denim and camo—I love seeing kids in black. I think it's super cute. We haven't really done a whole lot of it—we did, you know, for one of the fall seasons—Kourtney is into things that are a bit brighter, so we sort of mix our styles. Khloe loves to sit and approve everything, but she knows that she doesn't really get how important the fabrics are and, you know, the zipper placements, stuff like that.

So do you think that being a mom has made you more confident in that way?

I think so, yes. I think so.

So how does your style change from when you're hanging out with North and then all the meetings that you have to go to and appearances during the day.

I mean, I used to love to wear makeup all the time, and I still do, but at home, you know, you can't really kiss and snuggle and do everything you want to do—everything kind of, no matter what I'm wearing, even if it's something really nice and put together, it's just all bets go out the door when you're with your baby because anything could be spilled on you. And you just don't care, where I would've cared before I had my own children. Like if my nephew just came in and spilled something all over my couch, I would've been like wait, Kourtney, hello, what are you doing, clean this up. And now I'm like, I get it. I get it. All moms have a past.

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