Sunday, 23 November 2014

Meet The Men In Love With Life-Like Dolls

Photographer Benita Marcussen documents the “lives” of life-like silicone dolls and their male owners. “Most doll owners use the dolls as er*tic fantasies,” she writes, “but some also use them as art and photographic objects.” Many of them see their dolls as companions. Companions they paid $6,500 to over $51,000 for.
Benita met a string of doll owners – some married, some divorced and one an elderly man who lived with his parents.
She added: “All men have different stories and reasons for owning and living with dolls. They cannot be categorised together even though all of them agree that dolls ease the pain of loneliness.”
One doll owner – referred to only as ‘Deerman’ – lost his wife to cancer and after struggling to meet another partner, bought a doll who looked like his wife and called her Erica.
See Marcussen’s moving photos of men and their “real dolls” below.
Lifelike: Everard has a collection of 12 dolls including Russian doll ‘Anouska’
gallery_nrm_1416608263-doll11gallery_nrm_1416608134-doll9gallery_nrm_1416607358-doll7Photos of Me rPhotos of Men rPhotos of Men andPhotos of MenPhotos of Men and Their Life-Size Dolls
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